Etsy Sellers are Going on Strike

More than 18,000 Etsy sellers have pledged to join a strike protesting a 30% increase in fees that takes effect today.

In a petition signed by nearly 50,000, the organizers are demanding that Etsy CEO Josh Silverman cancel the fee increase to 6.5% from 5%. About 18,400 people who signed the petition as of Monday afternoon identify themselves as sellers, the method organizers are using to track participants. They are asking sellers to go on vacation mode and buyers to boycott the crafts website from April 11 through 18.

According to Etsy’s website, sellers can start a shop for free but must pay fees for listing, transactions and payment processing. The company last raised transaction fees in 2018 to 5% from 3.5%. Meanwhile, Etsy’s shares have quadrupled in the las…

Some Say Occupy Wall Street Did Nothing. It Changed Us More Than We Think

Ten years ago, on November 15, Occupy Wall Street was pepper-sprayed into the night by a squadron of police officers who helped shovel the tents, books, and placards left by activists into a fleet of sanitation trucks. A messy, motley, and spirited demonstration, Occupy started as a march of some 2,000 people in lower Manhattan that mushroomed to approximately 1,000 similar protests across the country. It seized enough media coverage to appear like a moment in the making, as it amplified outrage over America’s skewed distribution of wealth and opportunity.

And yet, as quickly as it started, it was gone within 59 days.

In the decade since its demise, scores of observers—and even participants—have said Occupy Wall Street fell short. Pundits including New …

Adidas and Ye’s Secret Battle Over a $100 Million Fund

Beneath the very public collapse of Adidas AG’s multibillion-dollar sneaker deal with Ye is a private legal battle over a $100 million-a-year marketing fund.

The fund, from which Adidas claims the rapper diverted $75 million, has come to the fore as the two sides trade accusations behind closed doors over the partnership that imploded last year, sending the German apparel maker reeling.

Details of the dispute, which is being conducted through an arbitrator, had been closely guarded until they were accidentally revealed in a related hearing in May, when the parties’ lawyers discussed them in open court. Bits and pieces of the conflict have also been seeping out in legal filings, including one in which Adidas alleges that the hiphop artist formerly known as Kanye W…