CMA targets fashion over greenwashing

Brands could be forced to change the way they advertise or face court action if they are found to have breached consumer protection law.The CMA is understood to have prioritised fashion because of the size of the market and the scale of consumer concernsคำพูดจาก pg slot เว็บใหม่. Other sectors of concern include beauty, food, drink and transport.

The CMA’s director of consumer protection, Cecilia Parker Aranha, told The Guardian newspaper: “People are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that fashion can have on our planet. “We know many shoppers are actively looking for brands which are doing good things for the environment – and …

Insane cost of this Macca’s burger

Well, that’s the cost of the world’s most expensive single burger at McDonald’s in France – or as they like to call it “McDo”.

The Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger is made up of two meat patties, three slices of cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and a tomato and mustard sauce blend.

This burger will set you back $23. It’s from France and it’s the Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger.