Kelly Clarkson Says Her “Boob’s Showing” During Wardrobe Malfunction Onstage

Kelly Clarkson Addresses Alleged "BEEF" With Carrie Underwood

Kelly Clarkson had to breakaway from singing to address her outfit.

While performing during a concert in Minneapolis Sept. 26, the Grammy winner had to run off stage after realizing she was experiencing a wardrobe malfunction mid-song. 

In a video posted to social media, Kelly is seen singing her song "Catch My Breath" when she starts to feel the top of her long, black dress. Looking back and forth between the crowd and her band, the 41-year-old started to question if she was having a NSFW slip.

"Am I good? Wait, hold on. Should I fix it?" Kelly asked the crowd, before laughing and making the executive decision to do so: "I think my boob's…

You'll Get a Kick Out of Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle's Whirlwind Love Story

Happy Valentine's Day: Breaking Down the Most Sizzling Celebrity Couples!

You never know when or where true love is going to strike.

Consider Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle, who met at a librarian convention in 2016. Both had new books to promote. Doyle's release, Love Warrior, was about all the work she and husband Craig Melton had put into saving their marriage after a series of problems (including his infidelity).

Needless to say, what happened next was pretty unexpected.

"When Abby showed up, something happened," the author and motivational speaker recalled to the Wall Street Journal in early 2020. "I saw in her someone who never internalized the stuff I had…

Etsy Sellers are Going on Strike

More than 18,000 Etsy sellers have pledged to join a strike protesting a 30% increase in fees that takes effect today.

In a petition signed by nearly 50,000, the organizers are demanding that Etsy CEO Josh Silverman cancel the fee increase to 6.5% from 5%. About 18,400 people who signed the petition as of Monday afternoon identify themselves as sellers, the method organizers are using to track participants. They are asking sellers to go on vacation mode and buyers to boycott the crafts website from April 11 through 18.

According to Etsy’s website, sellers can start a shop for free but must pay fees for listing, transactions and payment processing. The company last raised transaction fees in 2018 to 5% from 3.5%. Meanwhile, Etsy’s shares have quadrupled in the las…