Entire country runs out of Macca’s burgers

McDonald’s restaurants across Fiji have announced on social media that due to global shipping issues, some of the fan favourites will be off the menu.

From the Big Mac to the cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder and even McFeast — “valued customers” may be forced to dine on a Filet-O-Fish instead during their next visit to the golden arches.

“Please note the unavailability of beef patty products at our restaurants till further notice,” the post read.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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In an interview with local media FBC News, McDonald’s Fiji operations manager Damon Gregg said there was no clarity in when held up stock would arrive in store.

“The container ships have been late loading and late leaving so that’s the key issue behind it,” he said, adding local restaurants have turned to bringing in frozen stock by air from New Zealand instead.

“We understand it’s very frustrating for the customers to come in, expect something and not get it,” he said — especially given Fiji have just recovered from a chicken nugget shortage.

“So we’re just trying to lessen the frustration on our customers.”

While Fiji faces a long week without favourite Macca’s burgers, it’s not the only country to be facing shortages.

In the last 12 months, Japan had to cancel all sales on medium and large-sized portions of its fries due to a potato shortage. While in the UK, tomatoes had to be cut down in portion sizes due to a shortage in Europe.

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In Australia, a string of major Australian fast food chains have been forced to make changes to their menus amid a lettuce supply shortage across the country and subsequent soaring price of the vegetable as a result.

Subway said it will be mixing lettuce and cabbage to cover the shortfall, with KFC making the same change. Hungry Jacks said it wouldn’t be doing a blend but rather serving lettuce in reduced quantities.

McDonald’s in Australia however committed to pushing through the shortage and continue to serve the burger staple.

Entire country runs out of Macca’s burgers

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