Insane cost of this Macca’s burger

Well, that’s the cost of the world’s most expensive single burger at McDonald’s in France – or as they like to call it “McDo”.

The Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger is made up of two meat patties, three slices of cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and a tomato and mustard sauce blend.

This burger will set you back $23. It’s from France and it’s the Triple Cheddar and Double Beef burger.
The second most expensive burger is this Tasty Double Bacon burger for sale in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, costing $19.60.

US lender CashNetUSA calculated the price of Macca’s burgers around the world – there are more than 40,000 worldwide – to find the most expensive and cheapest burgers.

And why McDo has such a costly burger is unknown – perhaps there’s gold in it they forgot to mention?

Meanwhile, seven of the 10 priciest burgers were in Europe with Liechtenstein and Switzerland in equal second for their Tasty Double Bacon at $19.60.

And our neighbours in New Zealand came in ninth for their Crispy Chicken Almighty at $14.20.

The research also looked at the average price of Big Macs and Happy Meals around the world – and Australia was up there in terms of costly items.

Just to prove how out of control the cost of living is at the moment, a Big Mac in Australia was $5.75 in 2019 compared to $7.35 now.

Meanwhile, in the US a Big Mac is up 22 per cent from the pre-pandemic era – it’s now $US5.15 ($A7.70).

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CashNetUSA analysed the cost of purchasing one in each country using the capital city as a benchmark with Liechtenstein and Switzerland both having the world’s most expensive Big Macs at $11.60 and $12.10 for a Happy Meal, based on the cost of one in Vaduz and Bern, respectively.

The cheapest items were available in Pakistan, where you can get a Big Mac for just $2.85 and a Happy Meal for $2.30.

Insane cost of this Macca’s burger

Egypt was the second cheapest with a Big Mac for $3.10 and Happy Meal for $2.70.

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