KFC Launches New Fried Chicken Popsicles In Singapore

The KFC Popsicle is available in two flavors: BBQ Cheese and Mala.

The KFC BBQ Cheese Popsicle features a marinated chicken fillet fried up and served on a stick, then drizzled with smoky chipotle BBQ sauce and topped with a crunchy cheese sprinkle.คำพูดจาก ว็บสล็อตต่างประเทศ

Meanwhile, the KFC Mala Popsicle consists of a fried chicken fillet served on a stick and coated with mala sauce and topped with a crunchy mala sprinkle.

KFC Popsicles are sold in pairs for $6.50 Singapore dollars, or about $4.90 US. They’re also available as part of a variety of combos and snack…